U.S. Military Brain

INFOGRAPHIC: The suicide rate among the U.S. military is at its highest in 10 years of war. Mental fitness is as critical as physical fitness for our troops. Learn more and spread the word that seeking help for mental illness is a sign of strength.  https://www.facebook.com/AmericanPsychiatricAssociation


One thought on “U.S. Military Brain

  1. I think this is very interesting and something that we need to examine closely as instructors. I worked with a student in the Writing Center yesterday who suffers from severe PTSD. (Her essay was about service dogs for veterans with PTSD and the need for establishments to accept the dogs as necessary assistants to veterans who suffer from this disorder.) I noticed the high level of anxiety that she displayed while working with me–anxiety over her essay, how she would be evaluated by her instructor, and general interaction with others. I have been concerned about this condition amongst my students for a while now, but this one really made me think about how we accommodate students with PTSD, particularly vets who are struggling to make the transition back into civilian life as college students.

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