Faculty Idea Exchange Spring 2013 by Jennie O’Malley .

Summary – Faculty Idea Exchange Spring 2013 Professional Development Day

In the Spring of 2013, Nancy Derrig and I hosted a Faculty Idea Exchange on Professional Development Day.  As we approach this day again for the coming Spring, I thought it would be nice to share the thoughts and ideas that materialized from our group discussion.  Another idea exchange will be hosted at our next Professional Development Day, March 25.  If you have any ideas on topics for that discussion, please email me and I will bring them forward (Jennifer.O’Malley@llcc.edu).

Here is a summary from our session:

1.       Is there anything preventing students from being successful in your courses?

·         Time management issues

·         Lack of preparation and motivation

·         Lack of aptitude

·         “Why and I here”: Lack of direction/purpose

·         Feeling of entitlement

·         Home problems/outside distractions

·         Language barriers for ESL students

·         Poor study skills/habits

·         Problems applying information and thinking critically

2.       Identify a strategy to address an issue preventing student success.

·         Enthusiastic lectures with various media and “real life” applications

·         Provide choices on course deadlines/assignments to foster a sense of ownership

·         Form student cohorts to receive tutoring/support as a group

·         Provide positive feedback

·         Provide immediate feedback

·         Exam reflections

·         Clear expectations at the start of the semester

·         Early interventions/mandatory interventions

3.       How could you determine whether a strategy implemented to improve student success was effective?

·         Assessment with scientific approach: control vs. experimental group, changing 1 thing at a time

·         Testing

·         Observation of student engagement

·         Obtaining student feedback


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